Front cover of "From Pen to Pixel"




New Publications

From Pen to Pixel Studies of the Roman Forum and the Digital Future of World Heritage

The collaborative work of Prof. Dr. Ing. Krupali Krusche and Dott.ssa Patrizia Fortini for the last ten years with her DHARMA Lab has been recording the Forum as an urban precinct of some of the most important ancient monuments of Italy. This book is supported with a synopsis of never before published drawings with a complete set of measure drawn plans, elevations, and panoramic views of the Forum in 3D point cloud, Gigapan photographs, line drawing, and watercolor formats. And is a precursor to the study and analysis of the urban relationships and new findings in the Forum.



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Forum App showing Arch of Titus



New Interactive Application

The Roman Forum App

On April 12, 2019, DHARMA released the Roman Forum App, enabling visitors to interact with 3D reconstructions of the monuments as they tour the historical site.


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Raw scanning data of Arch of Titus



New Research Projects: Visualization

High Detail Point Cloud Rendering

3D data collected from the Forum effectively at different quality levels, and for different audiences, is getting investigated to create models that can learn image priors from the architectural data, and use them later in inpainting tasks to recreate the original data at different scales, as required by the user at the time of viewing. 


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Visualization projects of the Roman Forum



New Research Projects: Historical Reconstruction

Historical Roman Forum & High Detail Point Cloud Rendering

Combining traditional drawing with digital technology, the DHARMA team has been developing visualization methods to enhance mobile and web-based delivery of historical monuments such as the Arch of Titus, Temple of Caesar, Basilica Julia, and Basilica Amelia.


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Team members surveying tomb architecture at Agra


Future Field Studies

Lower Cortile del Belvedere

Presently the Cortile is divided into two parts. The upper Cortile has been completed through scans and hand drawing work by the DHARMA team since 2016. The work on lower Cortile is anticipated to begin by 2022. 



The Crypt of Taj Mahal

The DHARMA team documented the physical monument of Taj Mahal in 2015. The outer documentation of the monument is complete and the interior core of the site will be documented along with the Crypt in the coming period. 

 Fighting To Preserve Our Heritage



Lidar Mapping of Mumbai

The City of Mumbai is facing issues related to rising sea levels and land subsidence. In order to measure the accuracy of the available information and future predictions for the city, the DHARMA team is anticipating a detailed digital Lidar mapping of the city. This will include a resolution of 0.5m or less accuracy that will be able to capture buildings, blocks, roads and green infrastructure.